Yankee Candle “new England Maple” Deerfield Exclusive 22 Oz. Syrup Bottles Vhtf

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Product Information

50 reviews for Yankee Candle “new England Maple” Deerfield Exclusive 22 Oz. Syrup Bottles Vhtf

  1. Dmatullo,

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! – I absolutely love the aroma of this candle. It completely fills my home with that warm cozy feeling of Autumn.

  2. Cacstraka,

    Pumpkin Spice Candle – What a fragrance ! After an hour of burning my house smells just like spices! I can’t have enough of them burning in my house!See more.

  3. KathysYankee,

    Awesome fragance!!! – My husband and family love this scent!!!! We live our Yankee Candles!!! Literally, Yankee Candles are part of our family!!!See more.

  4. elady,

    Autumn Wreath 2 wick tumbler – This is my first Yankee Candle purchase. I love My Autumn Wreath candle. It burns clean and has a wonderful throw. It smells amazing. It is now officially fall and this is the perfect scent.

  5. John K,

    Winter Season is Special with a Yankee Candle – We love the winter and fall fragrances from Yankee Candle. The Autumn Wreath is a nice addition in one room and sometimes with Balsam and Cedar in the next room.

  6. Denise 64,

    new christmas favorite – Mistletoe used to be my go to Christmas (tree) fragrance. Now it is Silver Birch. Not only is it a pine forest smell, it works all winter.

  7. johndot,

    Has the appearance of a ‘second’ – I bought two of the Balsam and Cedar large jar candles. Looking at both of the jars from the side, the wax looks inconsistent and a bit ugly. I guess they’ll burn OK, so I’m keeping them.

  8. Sara R,

    Feels Warm and Inviting – Has a wonderful smell, without being too strong. Makes the house feel warm and inviting. Both wicks burn slowly and evenly. Would recommend this scent to anyone.

  9. Anonymous

    Best Scent Ever – This is my favorite all year scent. However, I really use it in the Fall and winter as it has such a nice, warm and cozy scent. It’s been my go to scent for years.

  10. Nonna57,

    Poor wick – I live the scent however the wick did not burn correctly so 80% of the candle did not burn. I have burned yankeees for years this was disappointing.

  11. Mel1980,

    Great smell! – I love the silver birch scented candle, it’s not too strong and leaves the house with a good clean smell.

  12. CandleGuy1014,

    They’ve Changed the Recipe and composition – No longer as good! – As it started getting colder and a slight chill filled the air, I decided to light my favorite fall candle – A Yankee Candle Spiced Pumkin jar candle. Unfortunately, there was only about 1.

  13. JoyG,

    Fall is here!! – The best way to know fall is coming is the smell of this spiced pumpkin candle! I would definitely recommend this candle. The quality is exceptional and the smell lasts a long time.

  14. JoyG,

    Christmas is here! – As a “seasoned” female, I cannot move around a live Christmas tree like I used to do. This candle scent gives me the fresh smell of a tree without having to purchase a live tree.

  15. Beck888,

    Beautiful fragrance – Love the candles!! I’m VERY disappointed that they don’t carry this fragrance in a scent plug in refill!!!!.

  16. Bella827,

    Used to be better – I’ve had the Balsam and Cedar jar candles before and LOVED them but thistime they hardly have any smellI’m not sure if I received old candles or they don’t scent them as much but I bought.

  17. DirtWidow,

    Amazing smell! – Sparking Cinnamon smells like the little cinnamon hearts you have at Valentines Day. Clean, bright and refreshing smell. Makes your whole house smell wonderful.

  18. MC75,

    Love Autumn Wreath! – Autumn Wreath is one of my all time favorite Fall candles! It smells like crisp Fall days mixed with a blend of perfect Fall spices. A must have!.

  19. JLucy,

    Best Fall Scent – My absolute fall favorite. That familiar apple cinnamon scent but not as sweet or in your face and very earthy.

  20. Anonymous

    Lovely Candle for the fall and holidays! – Smells like Christmas and cedar! Amazing candle and I will buy it again. I purchased it along with Kitchen Spice. Both are amazing candles. Really nothing I’ve bought in the past companies.

  21. Lisa P,

    The one and only pumpkin candle I use!! – Spiced Pumpkin!! Love this scent!! It’s the best!!See more.

  22. Jpep,

    Could be stronger – The scent is terrific but not as strong as other yankee candle scents.See more.

  23. Summersway,

    Harvest Wreath….Let it take you back home! – Autumn Wreath for me is the perfect scent for autumn, picking apples, making applesauceapple pies..

  24. shaggingnana,

    Love the4 scent – I have used this Spiced Pumpkin for many years and use it from September till November because of how much it makes my home smell like fall. I hope they never do away with this because I do.

  25. NobodyHome8586,

    One of my Favorites! – Love this scentit’s perfect for the fall and winter months. Strong scent but not overbearing like some cinnamon candles can be.

  26. Kimmiepaige,

    Highly fragrant.. – I love this fragrance! Masculine smell yet not too masculine. My husband loves it as well!.

  27. Ooooooo,

    Hardly any scent. – Too mild of a scent for cinnamon. Needs to be stronger.

  28. judafish,

    amazing scent – Silver birch is my absolute favorite! I wish you would not discontinue it.

  29. Rudy6555,

    Love the smell of Silver Birch – However, the wick is not burning well. It tends to burn down to the point of going out.

  30. ConnieM,

    Scent – Love this scent. Bought several for myself and one for each of my daughters and daughter-in-laws for Christmas.

  31. Ginilynn,

    Nice fragrance – The fragrance is very strong which I like because it fills the whole house. The one thing I don’t like is that there is a lot of wax on the sides of the jar that are not burning so I’m going.

  32. kab59,

    Little to No Scent – I bought six of these (Autumn Wreath – Double Wick Large). They have little to no scent at all.I burned one for 20 hours and could not smell anything.

  33. Jenn0102,

    Smells amazing! – I love ordering from the website and have never had problems with my candles until this recent order. All of the candles are burning uneven I keep the wicks trimmed.

  34. Jersey Girl,

    Great Scent! – This fragrance is wonderful for the holiday season.Your whole house smells festive.

  35. Cheryl G,

    Love this scent! – I’ve bought this scent a couple of times now and just love it!.

  36. Baaw17,

    Very manly!! love it – Just another great candle to add to my collection !!!!.

  37. Dukemonblue,

    The Scent of Christmas – There is just no other candle that compares to this Yankee Candle for Christmas at our house.

  38. Donna K,

    My Winter Candle – I purchased my seasonal candies early thus year. I’ll burning the balsam and cedar in mid-November. Perfect for the holidays it also reminds me of pine forests and winter.

  39. Decoratorgirl,

    Does not have a fragrance – I will not be buying any more candles as I find they have absolutely no fragrance. However, the candle warmers I have purchased, I really like a lot.


    Holidays in a jar! – The holidays in a jar! I use this in December and get so many compliments. Cinnamon is also a great odor eliminator. It is VERY strong, it smells up several rooms.

  41. Candle Lover Linda,

    The title is self-explained – I have had this fragrance for years now. I will use it starting at Thanksgiving and through Christmas, but it can be used after the First since it doesn’t scream holidays.

  42. Lilac too,

    Nice scent – This is a nice masculine scent, not flowery or foody..

  43. Favreheather,

    Broken – One of the Balsam and Cedar candles came with a piece of glass missing off the top of the jar. The lid was on and there was no piece of glass in the box. I think this one got past quality control.

  44. R Allen,

    Scent – I love this scent for the fall. Would have given it 5 stars but to me the fragrance isn’t near as strong as it has been in the past.

  45. MudPies2,

    What happened? Zero throw!! – Pumpkin Spice has been a long-time favorite until recently. No longer!! Purchased several large tumblers all had ZERO throw!! If anything, after burning an hour or more, the candle had a terrible.

  46. caseyD,

    strong fragrance – I have always said, Cinnamon covers up a multitude of sins. This candle is perfect when an unexpected guest shows up.

  47. Liz1988,

    Smells great but a very light scent 🙁 – I love the smell of this candle but it is a very light scent once lit. If I burn it for 6+ hours, you can smell it quite a bit but it’s disappointing that it takes so long.

  48. Whelan1,

    Great aroma! – Love this scent! Very woodsy..

  49. Jay Jay Moon,

    Great candle for someone that cooks a lot! – I cook 5x/wk and this is truly the only candle that neutralizes the odor and strong enough to let out its scent of fall. Been using this since 2004 and not many candles this strong and smell.

  50. AndreaB,

    Balsam and Cedar – My favorite! – Make favorite candle for the fall and winter time! I typically buy several when on sale and I burn my yankee candles daily! Thank you!.

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  • Releases a wonderful sweet & spicy scent into your home
  • Estimated 110-150 hours of burn time.
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