Woodwick Scented Candle – Fireside, Medium Jar

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Product Information

20 reviews for Woodwick Scented Candle – Fireside, Medium Jar

  1. Cinnamonwoods72,

    Strong and warming scent – If you love cinnamon, then this will blow you away. It fills your entire home with cinnamon and your heart with warmth. With the Chai scent included, it’s odor is stronger than regular cinnamon.

  2. Lillie6,

    Smells so cozy! – I bought this for my granddaughter and she was so excited! She loves the fragrance! It’s got a comforting smell. So glad I got it!.

  3. laurajohn,

    expensive for the quality – I bought four of these as they are my husband’s and my favorite scent. I have never bought them online, usually buy them in a store. These are not very aromatic at all.

  4. Texowan,

    Heavenly – This scent is amazing • the cinnamon is not to strong . comfy cozy fall / winter scent. I wish it wasn’t just seasonal . I bought 4 more to have in case of emergency.

  5. Mesa,

    Awesome Candles – I just recently tried Woodwick candles, and absolutely love them. The crackle while they burn is very calming and the scents are aweome.

  6. cardlover1,

    Everyone coming into our house loves this scent! – I was first exposed to this yummy scent at the home of my nephew and his wife last fall. It is positively delicious. They gifted me with one at Christmas and now I’m really hooked.

  7. Pinkngreen3,

    LOVE it!! – To the person who said this candle doesn’t smell well you must NOT have much of sniffer! This is such a strong yet warm inviting and cozy fireside smell. We LOVE IT!!!!! It’s great in the fall.

  8. Dillon,

    What a great candle!!! – I love this candle!!! The cinnamon smells really great!!! The crackle of the wick makes you feel like their is a fire right in your house!! Great product!!!.

  9. atireroome,

    Fantastic scent – Normally, I buy the woodsy scents-Balsam & Cedar, Christmas wreath- This Fireside is the most wonderful scent since the Hot Apple Pie of way back. Instantly perceived, it circulates, promoting.

  10. Soofyne99,

    Evokes holiday feels – This candle is worth every cent I spent on it and even more. The crackling sound makes me feel like I’m in front of a fireplace and the smells remind me of the best times of year which are.

  11. Molly G,

    Love, Love, Love! – I absolutely love this scent and buy several every year. We have a gas fireplace so we don’t get that amazing wood burning smell or the crackle of a real wood burning fireplace.

  12. Maggie27,

    A warm, cozy fire. – Love, love love fireside candle. I have always purchased the jar candles in fireside. Love the warmth & ambiance it brings to mind. Was somewhat disappointed when discontinued .

  13. jfab,

    Smells amazing! – Normally, I don’t chose any cinnamon scented candles for myself but I got this as a gift and I love it! I use it in the fall and winter to fill my main floor with this cozy scent. It is not.

  14. Candlelighter,

    So-o-o Enjoy these WoodWick Candles! – I just LOVE to listen to the crackle of these WoodWick Candles burning while I’m reading a good book. I recently bought an electric fireplace, so now the WoodWick Candles are even more fantastic!.

  15. shandaC,

    The best in its class – Fireside is the scent that started my fragrance obsession. I first purchased it 15 years ago through Yankee. It is not the popular marshmallow smokey scent so popular today.

  16. April1,

    I have been stockpiling this scent! – I have fallen in love with the Fireside scent and have bought several for around our home and will probably buy more to make sure to NEVER run out of the woodsy, warm, beautiful outdoorsy scent.

  17. Nia2,

    Great scent – I received this candle as a birthday gift the other week and I love the sent and the crackling noise it feels like I’m at a camp fire. And my candle is lasting a while even though I burn it.

  18. ddm3,

    SO GOOD! – I hate artificial/chemically scents, and I’m always a little worried when I try new flavors. This one is perfect.

  19. Slybear6,

    Favorite Scent – Fireside has always been my favorite scent back when it was a regular Yankee Candle. I was so upset when they discontinued this scent on the regular Yankee Candle line.

  20. Antamyers,

    Didn’t smell as strong as I hoped! – Bought this in August just for personal use I love the bold smelling candles, I figured this one would be very fragrant. It surprised me that it didn’t smell that much in my home.

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Woodwick Candle 22 Oz. features a natural wood wick & combines the soothing sound of a crackling fire with premium fragrances for the ultimate candle-burning experience. Each highly scented Woodwick Candle 22 Oz. includes a finely crafted wood lid. The 22 oz.

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