Woodwick Fireside Pluswick Candle – Wood Wick, 4.7 Oz.

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Product Information

10 reviews for Woodwick Fireside Pluswick Candle – Wood Wick, 4.7 Oz.

  1. Timberwolf0406,

    Best fragrace ever… – This is my all time favorite candle love the crackling sound they make.

  2. YaniraC

    I just purchased one and couldn’t wait to llight it based on reviews. I love the sound and scent.

  3. chercar111

    This is more than a candle. The flickering sound is relaxing like a fire. This smell is great.

  4. FrogLady

    Classic scent fills the room without being overpowering. Sound effects are clearly audible in a relatively quiet space.

  5. tlm0485

    The wicks keep extinguishing. I tried removing some of the wax, to no avail. The fragrance is spicy and smokey but has very little throw.

  6. HJaschob

    This candle came with a cover that was manufactured with a defect. When paying the amount that I paid for this candle, it should not have any defects!!!! ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  7. Janet

    All the wax in the candle had been melted to one side of the jar and the wicks were not visiable. It was not hot here when it was delivered. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  8. dianaoh

    I was thinking this scent would smell like wood burning, but it doesn’t. This scent lingers even after putting out the candle, bt not too strong. It is woodsy, just not what I expected.

  9. kimber1124,

    unique candle – I love the new candles with the crackling sound, flickering light and the aroma is amazing.

  10. Alice99

    Absolutly love this candle. I can’t get enough of the smell of it. It’s not a very firey smell like I expected but more of a woodsy smell or a camp smell if you can image or understand that.

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  • About WoodWick Fireside PlusWick Candle - Wood Wick, 4.7 oz.
  • Excess. WoodWick's PlusWick candle has an elongated wood wick that produces a flickering effect reminiscent of a fireplace.
Product Attribute Details
MaterialGlass jar, wax candle, dust cover
Capacity4.7 oz.
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