White Chelsea Poster Frame – 18″ X 24″ – Mainstays

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20 reviews for White Chelsea Poster Frame – 18″ X 24″ – Mainstays

  1. Grandmother,

    Horribly priced for all plastic. – Some type of metal frames are what I’ve used in the past. My 12 year old grandson needed frames for his seven (new) Star Wars movie posters, I had bought for him. The packages arrived undamaged.

  2. binaryred,

    Good product, Terrible packing/shipping – I bought several of these in the store, and they were great. When I saw a 2 pack online, at a better price I bought 3 of them. When they were delivered, however, I was very disappointed.

  3. aholmes0066,

    Looks good – Looks good the clear part did come with a few cracks and chips but very small It’s hard to get the poster inside to stay still because you have to slide the black border on and off which is.

  4. CedesCole,

    Cheap quality but good frame – Very cheap quality but after reading others reviews I considered it a win just to get them without much noticable damage. If you can get the shipment undamaged and get your posters hung they.

  5. Aimee,

    Sufficient For My Needs – Not a five star product but it’s a lot better to use with both of my laminated annual wall calendars than trying to tack them flat and leave many holes in the wall. At first I wasn’t going.

  6. urbanvocab,

    Cheap but effective – I would recommend this if you’re looking for fast, cheap and effective in a bohemian style room, dorm room, kids room or family playroom. From a distance looks fine but close of the joints.

  7. JLyn,

    It’ll do the job – nice, simple & inexpensive – I wanted to frame 2 posters for a child’s room and it served the purpose. So long as the paper of your posters are thin it shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. VanessaLC25,

    A quick aesthetic fix for a good price. – LOOK These frames look really great, almost professional from a distance. But up close, you may notice that the sides of the frame don’t exactly match up with each other.

  9. nameme71,

    Cracked and flimsy – Good price, but even with lots of bubble wrap, both frames had cracks along the edges when they arrived. I kept them as the outer frame covered most of the damage, but the thin front cover.

  10. Kandy,

    Happy Customer – I used these frames to frame posters for my uncle’s bedroom. When I first saw the frames, it took me a few seconds to figure out that I pull the trimming off to put the posters inside.

  11. timpaints56,

    Great way to frame posters – I bought these online and had them shipped to my nearest Walmart (which happens to be a neighborhood market). This is a great service! The basic poster frame is just that, it is basic.

  12. order,

    Frames – I didn’t realize that these were 4 separate pieces per frame. They do not stay on properly and look messy. I was very disappointed.

  13. factorygirl2010,

    Really brittle plastic broke right out of the box – When I took the frames out of their packaging and slid the black runners off, the clear plastic broke where the runners had been. Happened on the second set of frames I bought, too (same brand,.

  14. Kc,

    Perfect !.

  15. JustinH,

    Cover damage in corner. Won’t order again. – I got the 2 pack 24×36. Won’t order again. Each one had damage in the top corner.

  16. LoveSadie,

    You get what you pay for. – These frames are so cheap & do not sit on the wall correctly. I ended up having to put double sided tape on two of the corners so it would lay flat on the wall.

  17. Aafotog,

    Incorrect Label Placement – I ordered 4 of these frames. Out of the 4, only 1 had the removable label that said “Remove Protective Film Before Use” correctly placed.

  18. Nancy,

    Decent quality for the price – You just cant beat the price. They are a thin and the protector is plastic not glass. But you cannot really tell from far. It gets the job done for a fraction of the price.

  19. amrcowolf1965,

    poster frames – not bad , just that they have to be careful when shipping them ,because 3 out 4 were crack at the top right hand side of them. I need to re-order more of them though another 8 more I have many.

  20. sweetdee,

    you get what you pay for – it’s one of those frames where they frame isn’t whole but four pieces that you slide along the side. no huge deal but the cardboard on the back was warped and it was super hard to get them.

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Frame your pictures with simplicity and elegance. 18" x 24" White Chelsea Poster Frame is perfect for showing off your favorite poster or large family photograph. This MDF frame features a clean white finish that will make the colors and tone of your photograph pop with stunning contrast. Hang it in your office, bedroom, living room, and more!

  • Holds 24x36 posters
  • Great size for artwork and prints
  • 4 rails attach independently to frame picture/print
  • Easy to hang.
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 27 1/2"
  • Width: 21 1/2"
  • Thickness: 3/8"
  • Photo Opening:
  • Length: 24"
  • Hanging hardware is not included.
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