Whirl – 11½ X 11½” Contemporary Modern Wall Clock Made Of Wood, Wooden Clock, Wood Wall Art – Lightshow

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Product Information

31 reviews for Whirl – 11½ X 11½” Contemporary Modern Wall Clock Made Of Wood, Wooden Clock, Wood Wall Art – Lightshow

  1. catgal,

    Great for Timid Cats! – My cats loved that this toy wiggles around but remains quiet, so there is nothing spooky about it. They like to watch it and stalk it and then pounce and play with it.

  2. Foofsmom,

    Happy Kitty – My cat loves this toy, even when it’s not moving. The only problem I found was trying to unfasten the door to insert batteries – TINY little screw.

  3. TidyCatGlade

    not for bengals – My bengal kitty destroyed this toy within minutes. he ate the feathers and then didn’t want anything to do with it after that.

  4. Anonymous

  5. Cmillss

    Great for my Kitten – My 5 month old kitten loves this toy. My 4 yr old cat not so much. For the sale price I purchased it at it is a great deal.

  6. randy,

    lights – great colors and designs, very festive for the seasonSee more.

  7. christin

    almost cat approved – so far my cats seem aware of it and will get curious of what this thing is but haven’t actually played with it, its only been a day. The toy works great you need a small screwdriver to open.

  8. jim

    Doesn’t jam up like other spreaders. Thanks, Scotts!.

  9. Thomas

    Great for a small lawn has a deflector to avoid over fertilizing near buildings, or keeping wed killers from gardens.

  10. Gemz,

    My 3 cats love this so much! I’m not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but I’m glad i didn’t listen to them because my cat’s really enjoy it. It’s exactly as desribed a ball with plastic.

  11. John

    I needed a good grass seed spreader and I found this one online and I got it because of the price. When I picked it up at the store I realized it was a really good spreader.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Wormriddle

    Very well priced and works great! Perfect for a smaller to average sized yard.

  14. None

    Instant love for this toy – From the time I first turned this toy on, my cat was instantly attracted to it and loves to play with it. I’m glad it has an auto shut off, because when he tires of playing, it shuts off.

  15. MadsMom

    A hit or miss toy, but the hit is worth it! – I am blessed with three kitties, two girls & a boy. And for some unknown reason, my girls, aged 1 yo & 13 yo, are not interested in this action toy. However, my 1 yo boy is a different story.

  16. Sam

    It does what it is supposed to. I don’t have room for a full size one.

  17. Shirley

    This spreader is so easy for me to use compared to the walk behind. I only need to hit areas where I have bare spots from the winter. I am a senior woman.

  18. BARB

    Bought this spreader to lay fire ant control in my yard. Works great, no clogs, and spreads the medium evenly!All you have to do is walk!.

  19. JenE

    Moves way too fast – This thing spins way too fast for cats. My cat let it bop him in the face several times and then walked away. He will watch it from afar but will not interact with it.

  20. Milo

    This toy taught my wild cat how to play – *I highly recommend only letting your fur babies play with this under supervision* Ball has a good weight, toy is super simple and exactly as described with easy use (AA battery operated).

  21. Keema,

    Great cat toy – My cats love this. it’s quiet which is nice when watching a movie. It doesn’t fall over. Really good toy.

  22. Anonymous

  23. woodmen,

    good – it is very good .I like the remote control to change the lite pattern to what you want to shine on the houseSee more.

  24. Hovalph

    The funniest waste of money – I would bet this works for plenty of cats, but it’s a hard pass for one of mine, and I’m really not sure how to describe it for the other. One of my cats stares intensely at this thing.

  25. Max

    Bought for seeding a new lawn, will use for winter spreader as well. Great product, sturdy construction.

  26. Dm44445,

    Best cat toy! – The only toy my cat has played with more than once.She loves it.Works best if placed on a wood or tile floor.Does not roll around as much on carpet.

  27. Chessie6

    favorite toy – My cat wasn’t Keen on this toy in the beginning but after a week I can’t keep her away from it. It has held up to some rough playing.

  28. Leonlb3

    Does exactly what it needs to do and it actually has a very nice range to how far and wide it can spread the seeds.

  29. featherball

    Keeps him occupied and lets me get back to work – For a while Vale has been climbing around my desk and computer looking to play but I have to do work so his bottled up energy gets in the way. I usually have to take some breaks from work to.

  30. Justme,

    Works for indoors. – I didn’t just love these. They work on indoors if you just want pretty shapes on the wall but not great for outdoors.

  31. thebestmeema,

    Lights – I really like these i wish they covered more square footage though.See more.

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The dial of this clock is composed of a sequence of constantly increasing wooden frames, where each one is stuck in the next size while rotated 15 degrees. Each frame bites into the bigger one halfway. This gives the dial a strange whirl look - hence the name.

The direction of the wood grains rotates together with the frames, and this gives a fascinating shading effect on the surface: some frames look lighter while others darker - however all the frames bear the same color (see the 3rd image: Whirl - right side).

- Material: the selection of the raw material was based on the principle to keep the natural appearance of the wood as much as possible - therefore plywood has been selected for it bears the wood grains still strong and thin enough. Owing to the naturalness of the wood slight discrepancies in color and pattern may occur compared to the images attached.

- Manufacturing process: the dial is made of 9 wooden frames that are laser cut from a single 6mm birch plywood, the frames stick into one another like marquetry pieces, the finishing (polishing) is made by hand. The surface is oiled.

-The movement: is silent (non-ticking), second hand sweeps around. It second hand sweeps around. It runs with 1 pc AA type 1.5V battery (not included in the package). Standard hands are plastic in black, optional custom hands are available for extra 2.50€ (see the last photo).

  • This spot light projects holiday images onto any wall or flat surface
  • It swivels into any position and stakes easily into the ground.
  • - Dimensions:
  • size: 11½" x 11½"
  • depth: 1¼"
  • weight: 0.9lb
  • This product is made to order, usual manufacturing time is ~1 week.
  • color:light wood tone
  • size:11½" x 11½"
  • material:plywood (birch)
  • country of origin:Hungary
  • clock movement:silent / non ticking
  • power source:1 pc 1.5V AA battery
  • shape:rectangular
  • Weight (lbs.):0.9
  • Length (in.):17
  • Width (in.):17
  • Height (in.
Product Attribute Details
Colorlight wood tone
Size11½" x 11½"
Materialplywood (birch)
Length In17
Country Of OriginHungary
Height In2
Width In17
Clock Movementsilent / non ticking
Power Source1 pc 1.5V AA battery
Weight Lbs0.9
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