Tp-link Hs200 Smart Wi-fi Light Switch

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Product Information

41 reviews for Tp-link Hs200 Smart Wi-fi Light Switch

  1. Sky

    There is no review to accompany this rating.

  2. MarkF

    1. Switch sets a little higher in the box than a standard paddle switch. This can make getting the cover on challenging for a duplex or triple switch plate, but no problem for a single switch.

  3. Samuel S,

    Exactly what I was looking for – This was super easy to install/set-up and works flawlessly w/ Alexa via my Amazon Tap. Only things I can think to improve on would be 1) add a dimming feature 2) Support for Scenes from TP-Link’s.

  4. Eric9,

    Works well – installed in house to control outdoor lights -.

  5. Anonymous

    Hubby installed it works great. Only 4 stars cause I had a little bit of trouble setting up kasa app.

  6. Anonymous

    We have 3 in our house we loved them so much. Easy to use from anywhere.

  7. Jb

    Very easy to install that took only 15 minutes. Nice, clean look and easy setup with the app. Functions as advertised. Great integration with Alexa.

  8. MrPY,

    Smart switch works great without hub – Easy installation with basic wiring knowledge. I wish this comes in dimmer capability.

  9. Troy

    Awesome product, but need to be able to disable LED on face – I love this product, I have purchased 6 HS200’s and one HS210 (3 way switch). My one complaint about the HS200’s is the very BRIGHT LED light.

  10. Mike

    I bought these switches a month ago and they have worked flawlessly. Setup was simple enough (if you… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  11. Ballagan

    Very easy to install and manage the app on my iPhone. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Mina

    The instruction is very easy to follow. Picture are clear and steps are very easy to follow. The app is convenient that i can set up schedules.

  13. Daniel S.

    Definitely going to buy more! Please make dimmers too! – Easy to set up as long as you know electrical basics because it needs a hot and neutral in addition to the load wire going to the light/fan so definitely make sure your switch box have a neutral.

  14. John12345678

    Bought several of this and dimmers. Most products worked out of the box but then I had a couple of duds – DOA.

  15. HandyEngr

    I have a couple of Wemo Belkin mini-switches but i needed 2 light switches and was waiting for a Costco bundle. When I saw the tplink switch i looked up reviews and saw some older reviews rating.

  16. TomD,

    Extender – The extender works great and very happy that I purchased it.

  17. Javi

    Great devices! Finnaly they updated the App so I don’t have! – I love the plug and switches, I wish you made an in wall plug so I don’t have a wart on the wall. The dimmer would be cool too.

  18. ChiefBob

    This is my second attempt at a WiFi switch. Different brand the first time. This one is great. It installed easily and the synchronization and setting the programs is very intuitive.

  19. Satisfied

    Excellent product! As are other TP Link smart plugs and switches. Just be sure to connect all 4… – Excellent product! As are other TP Link smart plugs and switches. Just be sure to connect all 4 wires, including the white to the white (neutral) wire(s) in your switch box.

  20. MHAR

    I really like the convenience of this switch. You can set schedules in the app and also has an “away” mode for when you are out of town.

  21. dzerres

    Hardware and software can be a little tricky but this is a complicated product. You must have two… – Hardware and software can be a little tricky but this is a complicated product. You must have two black wires (can use the “in” and “out” ones) and a white.

  22. LFisher,

    TP-LINK HS200 Smart WiFi light switch – Used two of these switches to automate front and back lights to a workshop. Easy to install and connect to the WiFi and the timer function are well thought out and easy to use.

  23. Slowpoke,

    I have 4 at this point and plan to buy more – We love this product and plan on buying more. Like most homes, we have 3 way switches all over the house. You need to come up with a version for 3 way application.

  24. mechsupernova,

    awesome – I’ve bought a slew of them, love how I can tell Google to turn the lights on and off and i have it tied into my alarm in the morning too for home automation.

  25. A Believer

    Got Costco 2-pk over a month ago. No problems with install or setup. When my wi-fi is working, they work great. I set an on/off schedule for my garage exhaust fan depending on the weather.

  26. Drew

    Excellent product, I would recommend it to ALL! – Excellent product, I would recommend it to ALL!.

  27. Anonymous

    The switch cannot be installed on most old wiring where a neutral wire is not present. If there is no neutral wire on the old switch you must have an electrician run one or rewire the entire.

  28. Kristoff,

    GREAT PRODUCTS! – TP-Link is a quality manufacture. I have about 9 of their items.

  29. Anonymous

  30. Mike

    I bought these switches a month ago and they have worked flawlessly. Setup was simple enough (if you know the basics about electrical wiring – turn off the electrical breaker before working.

  31. diaspora

    I loved them and I still love these switches. But, the wifi keeps going off and strangely enough, at times, it comes back on all on its own. It is not a signal issue.

  32. Bill,

    Smart switch – This is especially good for my wife who has multiple sclerosis. Now she can voice command Alexa to turn off the light, and she also has a smart plug for the electric heater and the television.

  33. Anonymous

    TP-Link’s Wi-Fi-ready switch works as well as it looks—provided you don’t care about HomeKit support or mind the monstrous cover.

  34. LDee

    I purchased this remote wifi switch to light an entry way. The install was pretty easy and it works as advertised either manually turning on or off or using the app.

  35. Erin

    I think the switch is a great product. The smart stuff is still finding its groove so the one thing I’ll say is make sure you know what sort of switch/wiring you have before ordering.

  36. Anonymous

  37. john g,

    TP-Link hs200 Smart Switch with Amazon Echo – I just received the echo as a gift from a family member. We had a switch that was very hard to get to that I wanted to try this switch on. It was extremely easy to install.

  38. NateInSJ

    I purchased these – great product, at a great price – and installed them. Very easy setup. The installation is a bit tough because the rather deep transformer attached to the switch.

  39. Michael

    Good Switch, Okay Software – Overall, I like this switch a lot. The installation instructions within the Kasa app are very clear and easy to understand, and it’s very easy to setup once it’s installed.

  40. Trkj87

    Followed instructions per KASA app, my wiring doesn’t have a dedicated ground. However, I have a neu… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  41. CK

    Love it – Set up was ok. It works amazingly well with the tp link smart bulbs and smart plugs. The switch kind of blends in with the old ones.

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Works with Amazon Alexa – Turn on or off the bulbs connected to the Smart Switch just using your voice with Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and other supported devices, (sold separately)

The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch lets you control anything a standard light switch controls-all from your smartphone. Turn your lights, ceiling fans and other fixtures off and on no matter where you are. Use the switch to automate connected fixtures based on your daily schedule and preferences. The smart switch can even adjust automatically to changing sunset and sunrise times, set a time limit to turn off the light or secure your home when you're away. You can pair the light switch with Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and other supported devices for voice control. Plus, the free Kasa app lets you run them from any Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 8 and higher smartphone.

  • Remote Access – Control your home lighting from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet using the free Kasa app
  • Scheduling – Set lights to turn off and on at dawn, dusk, or any time that works with your daily schedule
  • Away Mode – Make it look like you’re home when you’re not by having your lights turn off and on randomly while away
  • LED Indicator – Find the switch easily, even at night when all your lights are turned off
  • Light Bulbs – The Smart Switch is compatible with incandescent, LED, Halogen, and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Product Attribute Details
Dimensions H X W X D 5.0 x 3.3 x 1.5 in. ( 128 x 85 x 38 mm )
ButtonsPower button, Restart Button, Reset Button
Smart Wi-fi Led Bulb With Dimmable LightSmart Wi-Fi Bulb with Tunable White Light
Packaging Dimensions6.7 x 4.6 x 2.6 in. (171 x 118 x 65mm)
Output Voltage100 - 120VAC
CertificationRoHS, FCC, IC, UL
EnvironmentOperating Temperature: 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC (32°F ~ 104°F) Operating Humidity: 5%~90%RH, Non-condensing
ProtocolIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Maximum Load15A, 600W Incandescent
System RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or higher, iOS 8 or higher
Wi-fi Smart PlugWi-Fi Smart Plug Kit
Wi-fi Smart Plug With Energy Monitoring KitSmart Wi-Fi Light Switch
Input Voltage100 - 120VAC, 50/60Hz, 15.0A
Wireless Type2.4GHz, 1T1R
Smart Wi-fi Plug MiniWi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring
Maximum Power3.68KW
Manufacturer Product NoHS200
Volts100 V AC to 120 V AC, 120 V AC
Manufacturer Part Numberhs200
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H7.68 x 10.63 x 6.49 Inches
Assembled Product Weight2.5 lbs
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