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10 reviews for Sicilian Lemon Ribbonwick Candle – Yankee Candle

  1. cbeagles,

    Amazing Scent! – I bought this candle for my son and his girlfriend because they love Lemons. They had it burning when I went to visit them, and wow, it smelled so good in their home. It was a clean scent.

  2. Pneuma13,

    Great scent! – My mother loves lemon for the kitchen, but doesn’t like a sugary scent. Sicilian Lemon definitely fits the bill! A little sweet, but not over the top and the wonderfully tart scent of fresh.

  3. Vee920,

    I absolutely love this scent! – I purchased 3 candles, but the Sicilian Lemon perfumed the entire shipping box! This fragrance is fresh and invigorating. It’s my favorite by far!.

  4. SandySR,

    Smells great but no throw – This candle smells amazing, but no throw. I’m really disappointed about it. This one doesn’t smell like lemon pledge, it has a nice fresh, sweet scent.

  5. Miz Val,

    Love This Scent – During my recent visit to Italy we went to a restaurant that made their own Limoncello. We sat under awning where the fruit grew. You could reach up and pick it right off the vine.

  6. CarolW,

    Fresh – This is a bright and fresh scent. The other new scent I ordered, Meadow Showers was more aromatic.

  7. H__H,

    This is probably my favorite fragarnce – So, yes, I’m biased, I LOVE the smell of citrus in general. when I burn a candle it imparts a clean, natural smell.

  8. AlexaGuyer,

    Stinky – I used to love the Lemon Poundcake candle and thought I’d give this one a try. Yuck! It has a weird smell and I did not like it at all.

  9. 349Gypsy,

    Love the glass tumblers, and pillars. – I got this a couple weeks ago. The smell was great in the candle.

  10. ChillinAZ,

    Smells good throw not so good – I opened the box and I could smell this candle without even lighting it. It smelled clean, fresh I’m a huge fan of citrus scents so I couldn’t wait to light this candle.

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