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Product Information

24 reviews for Pile Of Leaves Large Jar Candle – Yankee Candle

  1. MmeMaddie

    This is simply the best of all the YC scents. I burn this one every day after Labor Day through Thanksgiving.

  2. Beverly

    Wonderful Candle! – This candle smells wonderfully fresh! I put this candle in my laundry room and it makes the room smell very clean. The scent is powerful enough to get rid of the pet odors, but not overwhelming.

  3. RickCarter,

    Memories of playing in leave piles as a Child – Autumn for me wouldn’t be complete without Autumn Leaves, it quickly became my favorite scent burning it reminds me of playing in leaf piles as a child while my Mother raked and burned the.

  4. jnclaws76,

    Favorite autumn scent! – I look forward to this scent every year. Smells just like autumn!!.

  5. Decent

    Obsessed With These Candles – I love these candles, I keep a good stock pile of them. They smell great and keep your house smelling fresh and clean! I recommend them to everyone I know!.

  6. Lisa23

    This candle is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It has to be my favorite Fall scent thus far, and that says A LOT because the Autumn season is my favorite for Yankee Candle scents and I own just about.

  7. Janice

    Pet House Sunwashed Cotton Natural Soy Candle – I do love Pet House candles but I could barely smell this scent. All the other scents I have tried have smelled great but this one did not permeated the room and I could only smell within a.

  8. redhead4ever22

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when ordering this candle on line. I just went by the majority of other reviewers good comments on it (although I know I’ve bought it before but not for a while).

  9. PieQueen,

    Amazing Throw! – The throw of this candle is 100% I can smell it throughout our main floor.with cathedral ceilings! But.wait for it.my husband can’t smell it unless he is right next to it.

  10. LisaS

    Wow it Works! – I have multiple dogs and although I vacuum and mop everyday the scent of dog lingers. I’ve purchased candles in the past that did an alright job at masking the odor but I’d end up burning through.

  11. beth5646

    I received this candle today, and thank goodness I bought 2 large jars and a bunch of votives. I opened the jar, and this fragrance instantly put me into such a good mood!! I have it sitting.

  12. Mmmmmoi

    By the description I thought it sounded VERY strange, but one of my gfs took a risk and bought it online. IT IS AMAZING. The throw is bold.

  13. Sandye,

    My #1 Fall candle – I LOVE this candle scent and buy it every year. It just would not be Fall without it.

  14. fignewton

    This is my favorite candle to burn once we reach the dog days of summer. I’m not a fan of the fall apple scents. They just seem too cliche to me.

  15. LisaL629

    I have had this candle for a week now and I am very thrilled with my purchase!It is a rejuvenating scent for fall that I truly recommend if you want to change it up from the woodsy scents associate.

  16. PammysCandles,

    This product has great features – This is one candle I will always have in my collection of Yankee candles. not just for fall. Once you pop open the lid . it begins to make you think of a wonderful crisp sunny fall day.

  17. kgags

    Disappointed – These candles were purchased because of the positive reviews readso disappointed. I’ve used these 1X; within 5 mins., blew the wick out. What a waste of $$$.

  18. SteveK,

    My favorite fall/fresh scent – Every year I look forward to burning this candle. I make sure I have at least 3 large candles in this scent by the start of september so I have plenty to burn all fall since I have plenty of.

  19. LyndaKay,

    The experience of Autumn with a Scent – I love this Yankee Candle scent. I get it every autumn.

  20. Wavesoccermom1,

    candle fragrance was not strong this time – I always buy autum leaves whenever I can the smell is amazing. This is one of the rare times I purchased online. I can hardly smell the candle I cut the wick.

  21. Rmyoung246,

    Great scent! – This is one of my favorite scents. I love to light it on cool/fall days.

  22. DogsFurever

    High Quality Candle – I’ve bought several brands of candles and this is my favorite. They are natural and non-toxic.

  23. ATexasYankee

    Remember, you asked for this. I have been buying your candles for over 30 years. I will tell you that the wax consistancy has changed over those years.

  24. Mmmmmoi,

    Spicy…it’s something special alright! – By the description I thought it sounded VERY strange, but one of my gfs took a risk and bought it online. IT IS AMAZING. The throw is bold.

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  • A vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry and orange blossom
  • 110-150 hours burn time
  • Measures 6.6" x 4".
  • About this fragrance:
  • Channel your kid-self. The autumn rich aroma of fallen leaves fills the air.
Product Attribute Details
Size24oz (680g)
BurntimeUp to 150 Hours
Wax InfoPremium Paraffin
Wicks2 wicks - 100% lead free
FormulaHighly Scented, Clean Burn
StylePile of Leaves Large Jar Candle
ProducedMade in the USA
Dimensions4" D X 6.6" H
BrandYankee Candle
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