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3 reviews for New Strand Pendant – New England Ropes

  1. sarahbee

    DO NOT BUY THESE. I was so excited to use these on my tree and when I got home and plugged them in they flashed for a second and stopped working.

  2. LuLuLu

    I love the big ones that plug in. Seems like people had trouble with the small battery ones. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. ADN204

    I bought two small ones a few weeks ago. One worked great at first but the second one was dimming uncontrollably even after I put multiple sets of brand new batteries in it.

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100% high tenacity 3-strand nylon is long-wearing and abrasion resistant with excellent elongation properties. Galvanized heavy duty thimble on buoy end. Professionally spliced soft eye on boat end.

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BrandNew England Ropes
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