Mainstays 18×24 Basic Poster & Picture Frame, Black, Set Of 6

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50 reviews for Mainstays 18×24 Basic Poster & Picture Frame, Black, Set Of 6

  1. Anonymous

    Ok, but be aware of what you’re getting – These frames have a super low price because they are made of extremely cheap materials. The “glass” is a super thin piece of plexiglass.

  2. jappers,

    Sturdy and reliable storage – Love these bins/containers! Perfect medium size are great for sorting, organizing and de-hoarding my closets and garage. Arrived boxed and in perfect condition, no cracks or warping.

  3. Steve S,

    I wouldn’t buy this product again. – I love Jet, but didn’t like the frames. Each side of the frame slips on separately, and they don’t stay together. Also, the corners don’t really synch up. Not Jet’s fault, just a bad call on my part.

  4. Celia,

    Not Recommended – Got this set for Christmasused it for the first time the morning after. Potatoes and Over easy eggs which turned into scrambled because they got stuck almost right away.

  5. Majorseller56,

    Would Never Order These Again. – I needed a LOT of poster frames for our wedding decorations and didn’t want to break the bank; so I found this set of six and thought I was getting such a deal. When they arrived, they weren’t.

  6. Erinp,

    This storage set of 8 works great – I get so much use out of the Set of Black 8 Mainstays 18 Gallon Storage Containers. Having a larger family, it comes in handy to have things to store all of out things in.

  7. SunNsand,

    Very sturdy. Good quality. – These are very sturdy. They fit a lot. The color is nice. I recommend letting them air out for one day before storing any clothes or blankets in them to make sure the plastic smell dissipates.

  8. Wadsworth,

    Perfect solution! – We used these to put up posters in a locker room where we’re can’t have glass. They assemble easily and look great! !.

  9. JoJo,

    Not stainless! Horrible Product – My husband bought these for me as an early christmas present, since I needed pans I opened as soon as I got home. I cooked some eggs for my daughter and it got REALLY stuck! Mind you I cook.

  10. Kingwalker,

    NOT fancy… but VERY USEFUL – If you expect something called “BASIC POSTER FRAME” being fancy you should read again. HOWEVER, for the price, this light posters frame are what I expected and VERY cheap at a little bit.

  11. Loree124,

    Great for organizing the garage – This bundle of storage totes is a great value. Each tote is very large and will hold and hide all the items that make my garage look cluttered.

  12. lissakessy,

    Great Frame – Just what I wanted and was expecting for a poster I bought.

  13. TPerkins,

    Not what I expected – I actually thought this would be a better quality product. I did not expect the frame itself to come apart, I expected the back to come off only and to allow you to place your poster inside.

  14. Eden,

    LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE <3 - Originally i bought the 14" Zinus from Amazon bc Walmart didn't show for platform bed frame when i searched. I got the Zinus 14" and it was great but this one is fantastic! Its the little details.

  15. Happy,

    Had to return. This is the crappiest poster frame ever! The top, bottom and side rails detach and are supposed to hold your poster in place but, all the sides keep falling off!.

  16. MadCat22,

    Don’t buy! – The first several frames I took out of the box were broken!! The only good thing I have to say it when I called my local store they told me it was no problem to get a refund. I have not completed.

  17. yetiwifey,

    Great Storage Containers! – I received this set of 8 black Mainstays 18 gallon storage containers and they were just what I needed. They are perfect for storing personal or household items.

  18. megsters,

    Cheaply made, but… nice. – You get what you pay for, and the above reviewer is absolutely correct in saying that these are cheaply made frames. You take the four sides off, peel the protective layers off both sides of.

  19. Monica,

    Was sceptical but after using was really happy. Very sturdy, easy to set up and fold away.

  20. BrightLight4,

    Affordable Heavy-Duty Storage Containers – The Mainstays 18 Gal. Storage Containers, Black, set of 8, is a great set of heavy duty storage containers at a very reasonable price.

  21. emrenae,

    Silver/grey residue – Every time I get these pans somewhat hot, whether to boil water, fry something, or to cook anything in general, I end up with a silvery/grey residue floating in my water or building up in the.

  22. artistdreammaker,

    Good value for money – Love the frames. I needed at least 18 frames and when I went on line to Walmarts I was pleasantly surprised at the deal I got. Originally I thought it would cost me at least $160.

  23. dallasbanker,

    Sturdy – Awesome and sturdy containers. We are a family of 7 and we use these storageContainers in every room. Toys, dry goods, shoes, clothes you name it.Very durable and quality is good.

  24. decent,

    Dont buy – Horrible quality. Came damaged and has chunks missing out of the corners. super flimsy. the worst picture frame ive ever bought.

  25. babiexkiss,

    Great value – So far so good. Just your standard cookware set. The handles will get hot so be very careful handling them. An oven glove or towel will fix and it’s much better looking than the plastic handles.

  26. BRC12345,

    Hard to use for anything thicker than a piece of paper. It’s not the best designed product as you have to completely disassemble the frame in order to frame the item you want.

  27. Adaptor,

    Exactly as described in the reviews on line. – This was frustrating. I read the reviews, which pointed out how the acryllic was often chipped or cracked. That was true with both purchases–2 of 6 and 3 of 6.

  28. rapan,

    GREAT DEAL JUST BE CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING TOGETHER – these frames are quite flimsy but look great once you put them together and the price can’t be beat. be careful and gentle.

  29. Allie,

    I’ve had mine for about a month and so far, so good. Good height even with just it and mattress.

  30. artsmart,

    Good Deal – Purchased ten of these, one in store purchase to test. These are excellent for the price. Saved by buying nine more online, they arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

  31. Kymberly,

    DO NOT BUY! – This cookware set, doesn’t even deserve ONE star! When I picked up my package. EACH POT had dents and scratches in it, like it was already used! The pots are stainless steel..

  32. FG,

    Misleading photos – The photo looks misleading as the cookware is not that great. You do get 52 pieces but they feel cheap and light. These items are made in India and unsure of the quility for India yet.

  33. livetoshop2009,

    Not as tough – while these container are good and sturdy my gripe about them is the lid. when its os snapped on the snap is minimal and i dont think if the tote was filled and accidentally spilled the contents.

  34. PrincessO,

    Attractive, But Poorly Made – The pots are physically attractive, but unfortunately, not so well made. – The interior of the pot stains rather easily when cooling with oils.

  35. Stephanie,

    Love this bed frame! Super affordable, durable and easy to set up(no tools required). There is no squeaking and it allows for ample storage. I would definitely reccomend to friends and family.

  36. Mattress,

    You get what you pay for, it does the job. The legs in the middle do not touch the ground until you lay on the bed and you hear a loud noise as the legs hit the floor. Overall easy assembly.

  37. CharlieOneDeadEye,

    Mainstays 18×24 Poster Frames Set of Six – Very pleased with this order of 6 frames.They arrived in a self contained,tight,form fitted box.They are in pristine condition.I used one right away.

  38. StephanieD,

    Easy set up. Glad I purchased! – OmG! So glad I bought this! I need beds fast for my kids and didn’t have a lot money to squeeze it in my budget and they didn’t want bunk beds so I bought 2 and they are great. They were delivered.

  39. Relle,

    Loving it so far! – So far, it is PERFECT. I’m glad I didnt spend $$ on a bed, when this is a great alternative. 18′ is kind of high, I would’ve rather the 14′.

  40. JC125,

    Received Damaged – Received damaged frame with large 5 inch vertical crack in plexiglass front panel. Placed painting inside.

  41. Happymom,

    Easy – Frame comes assembled in two easy to handle folded pieces. Nice for small or tight spaces.

  42. Ncmh,

    It’ll do. – This arrived damaged with a noticeable dent on one side and scratches along the edges where the box was beat up. That was -1 star.

  43. Greengirl66,

    5 out of 6 came broken – Even though the packing is marked fragile, something was poked through the box and broke most of them. Now I have to return them all and look for something else.

  44. Arnetage,

    LOVELY SET!! – Some folks complained about the size. What do you expect for this price??? Personally, these are just the perfect size for me, non-aluminum, and glass lids with steam holes!! Not to mention.

  45. mclovinchic,

    OMG!!! I love these!!!! – I am a 37 yr old woman. These days I look for tools to save me $$$ and do the job. I don’t need crazy expensive pots and pans.

  46. RBSD,

    Poster Frame – It was everything we were hoping for.

  47. dindin31,

    Does the job – Always need extra containers for my garage/storage these are perfect , the size is great, they’re so durable and stackable. Black is always the best color, I have gray and the black looks so.

  48. me00,

    SMALL – so i ordered these pots and pans as a “last minute” thing. i went to pick up my items, and realized they were like children’s toys.

  49. PMommaW,

    Perfect for storage! – I received these 18gal Mainstays storage containers and they are perfect for our storage needs. We are always in need of more storage containers.

  50. Money,

    Very nice product – Nice sturdy and tall I’m 270 and it supports me fine.

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I needed a LOT of poster frames for our wedding decorations and didn't want to break the bank; so I found this set of six and thought I was getting such a deal. When they arrived, they weren't padded in the box so many of the frames edges had chips, cracks, and chucks missing. One of the clear plastic inserts that goes over top of the poster even has a stress fracture in the plastic that you can see plainly. The backing for the poster is just plain cardboard, like they cut it from a cardboard box, so there is hardly any support when you're trying to get the frames edges back on the poster. These are a pain in the butt to assemble, and the corner pieces don't line up properly (let alone LOOK nice if yours shows up half as beaten and broken as mine did). If you have a black and white poster, you can almost get away with the corners not matching up because the black frame blends in - (we are hanging black and white Old Hollywood Movie Star Glamor Posters) but honestly, if I wasn't in such a time crunch, I wouldn't have bothered trying to salvage them before I marched them back to the store.

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