Luminessence White Unscented Votive Candles, 4-ct. Packs

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Product Information

13 reviews for Luminessence White Unscented Votive Candles, 4-ct. Packs

  1. DaisyPop22,

    Great basic product that lasts – I would recommend these candles. We used them on the tables at a restaurant. They did last very long. We blew them out at the end of the night and were even able to use them another day.

  2. dkirkpa1,

    tremendous value – These candles performed as expected. They were burned for about six hours and look like they’re about half gone. I would definitely buy these again.

  3. Melina1010,

    Simple Perfect for filling votives – no problems with shipping, came in earlier than expected, using for wedding decorations, exactly as described and a good price.

  4. potter170

    Bought these votive candles to put in paper bag luminaries that my neighborhood puts out every Christmas Eve. They were Perfect and lasted almost 12 hours! Plan to use them again next Christmas!.

  5. Lollygagger

    I am testing a variety of candles from DT to see what will work best at my friend’s wedding reception. Although this candle melted pretty quickly into a puddle, it is still burning after 7.

  6. RDelp

    beats any candle for religious use i can find, including Walmart and Amazon Which best describes you/your organization? Individual # I purchased this product: Online ✔ Yes, I recommend.

  7. Neicy89

    Bought these for daughter’s wedding. Tested two and neither stayed lit for more than two hours. The wick collapses and extinguishes itself in the wax.

  8. CatC

    We purchased 400 of these for our wedding and tried them out at home. The wicks curl over and they do not stay lit.

  9. Amstar517

    Can’t beat these. With a little washi tape to decorate the bottom, my centerpieces came out great! Which best describes you/your organization? Other # I purchased this product: Online ✔ Yes,.

  10. aiyito

    Measurements each candle 2″x1.5″ I hope it helps because you cant find the measurements on description.

  11. Scnickers,

    Great Emergency Candles – These candles are the cheapest price per long-burn votive candle I could find. They claim to burn 12 hours. I bought them for emergencies and for decoration/craft.

  12. Cinderelly49

    I love these. I make Stained glass mosaic candles and your votive candles are the best in burning and are bright. They are awesome and will continue to always buy and use them. Thank you.

  13. Candlewarmer,

    Candlewarmer – These candles were exactly what I needed and were of good quality. I would buy them again as they are also well priced.

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Add some ambiance to any space with these Unscented 12-Hour Votive Candles. They are simple and classic and bring a beautiful twinkle to any occasion. Create a warm and cozy environment at your next gathering with these long-burning votive candles. They're wonderful for making centerpieces at wedding receptions or other events and for bringing a warm glow to holiday mantles. These white unscented votive candles are ideal for using around people who are sensitive to chemical fragrances or for dinner parties where scents may conflict. They also make lovely mood lighting when you set them up for a romantic evening in your home. This pack of 12-hour votive candles bulk 30-count allows you to decorate large spaces or have a backup stash when the old ones run out.

  • Unscented 12-Hour Votive Candles, 30-Pack:
  • Long-burning votive candles last for up to 12 hours each
  • 30-pack of candles
  • Each measures 1.3" x 1.
  • Product details page for Luminessence White Unscented Votive Candles, 4-ct. Packs is loaded.
Product Attribute Details
Manufacturer Part Number1199-71
Assembled Product Weight47.4 oz
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