Bailey Farmhouse Natural Whitewash 36″ Round Mirror – Pier 1 Imports

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Bailey Farmhouse Natural Whitewash 36" Round$2495 / 5
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36.25" Iron Rounded Edge Rectangular$129.99No Reviews
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Bailey Farmhouse Natural Whitewash Floor$279.2No Reviews
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20 reviews for Bailey Farmhouse Natural Whitewash 36″ Round Mirror – Pier 1 Imports

  1. Harris

    Perfect bin – Love these storage bins! Picked up a couple at Lowes so didn’t have an issue with shipping. Only wish they had them in different sizes..

  2. Bailey

    Great Organizational Baskets – Organized my pantry with these baskets and it made the pantry look incredibly stylish! Highly recommend!.

  3. euna

    Perfect & Right Size – This basket is beautifully constructed from natural water hyacinth, and fits perfect with any decor style including the Office. It is very lightweight and has a two-handle design that makes.

  4. Ian

    It is what it is – It performs like it was supposed to. Quality is decent.

  5. Mel

    Happy customer – Just as these storage baskets! They are functional, easy to clean and decorative.

  6. Retired

    Under the vanity storage – I purchased this item to organize the storage area under my vanity.

  7. janice

    Antique Grey Iron Basket – I love it because it doesn’t collapse when putting things in it. I had the other kind which was just cloth and no basket and it would collape all the time. I like this one so much better.

  8. Smilyniiiz

    Excellent Value! – I priced water hyacinth bins all over the internet for months before I purchased these. I needed 10 bins in a specific size, and this was the lowest price I found.

  9. SteveandAudi

    Heavy duty – I will admit the Lowes K-Rail system is kind of an expensive way to organize a garage. However, the various K-Rail accessories are well made, the hooks and other attachments seem strong enough,.

  10. Barbi

    It holds a lot of laundry! – A good basket for laundry it holds a lot. It is good looking too.

  11. Berhidle

    Cute little bin – It may seem small, but it’s just right for my countertop! Stackable, it holds veggies, fruit, napkinswhatever! And it has a nice rustic look. I liked the first one so much I bought two more!.

  12. Sonomi

    great ‘leather’ bin – Searching for some kind of bin to go in sewing cabinet. and this was the closest size.[but I wanted a little bigger for the sewing cabinet].

  13. tshelley

    Excellent Product – Purchased for my husband to use in the back floorboard of his car. It works perfect for his needs.

  14. ivanhoe123112

    storing small items – I recently remodled my garage with the K rail sytem. I found the wire baskets go well with the wire shealves. Both will fit side by side togather on one four foot K rail.

  15. Aal99

    Awesome Baskets – I spent quite a while looking for the perfect baskets for my pantry – the correct size and a great style. These were it! So happy to have found these after a long search.

  16. Sher

    Superb – Used several of these to accent a ClosetMaid cube system and they worked (and fit) perfectly. Very stylish and useful, too.

  17. Chatty

    Revamped closet – I bought this storage crate to re-vamp my hallway closet. I wasn’t sure it would fit but it worked out really good. I store all my winter throws in it and they fit neatly in into it.

  18. Sam

    Easy carry – Purchased this rope bin for my daughter to keep some of her toys in. She loves carrying it around.

  19. rrryb

    The basket helps organize – The angled sides makes this basket less suitable for storing upright objects such as cans or bottles on a shelf.

  20. prairieviolin

    Perfect for storing dry kitchen veggies! – I ordered these with the intent to use them as kitchen storage for potatoes and onions. These stackable baskets are perfect, the footprint is lovely and I especially enjoy the rustic farmhouse.

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  • Title: Reach for the Sky
  • Product Type: Photographic Print
  • Artist: Valda Bailey.
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