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Product Information

80 reviews for 6×9 Black Wood Picture Frame – With Acrylic Front And Foam Board Backing – CustomPictureFrames.com

  1. Anonymous

    I never write product reviews But, I have to say that installing this product was a great experience for me – e.g.

  2. Anonymous

    After our Ring doorbell recorded a prowler at 2 AM we decided to invest in a camera system. We needed wireless because of lack of access for wiring so we purchased a Blink system.

  3. Anonymous

    This product does everything I had hoped for. I have only had it for 2 weeks and can’t attest to battery life, I can say installation was a snap.

  4. Mary13648,

    Not what I expected – I was shocked when both mattresses came in a box rolled up. I knew they were 6″ but wasn’t really expecting what I got..

  5. Anonymous

    It’s only been a day. But so far I am happier with this model number. Easy to mount and setup. I like that fact that I can set the sensitivity, and different areas to pickup motion.

  6. JCS88,

    Great quality and price! – This Linenspa Mattress is absolutely perfect for children! I got a platform bed for this mattress for my 4-year-old and she loves it. I really feel that this mattress is perfect for a first.

  7. Duce

    I have used all the 20v tools, saw zaw, circular, both impact and regular drills, soot light and blue tooth speaker. They all performed beyond my expectations.

  8. Anonymous

    Relatively easy to set up. Nice to get a notification on phone. Good range antennas.

  9. Anonymous

    Product came on time and ready to install. Using the Quick start guide, set up and installation were a breeze. All components work and the app is easy to use as well.

  10. Anonymous

    I purchased the lorex wireless system not knowing what im getting into. I just read reviews and they were pretty positive. So i said what the heck. Well now i have them for over 2 months.

  11. Breamhunter

    My old 18 volt drill set with a lot of years and mileage needs replacing. One of them is held together with tape and has no reverse.

  12. Anonymous

    Just finished install ( very easy) of my new system, works perfect has much better images than old system had to move receiver outside for everything to work, must be 50′ between cameras love.

  13. Anonymous

    The system has been in for 2 weeks and is working fine. It is easy to install and to check on things with my phone.

  14. Anonymous

    Amazingly easy to setup, great motion and range options, and great picture quality. Installed last week and so far have no complaints.

  15. Anonymous

    Very easy to installed and customer service response is very quick.

  16. Anonymous

    Good system Lorex has quality systems wireless and WiFi.

  17. Buanni,

    Good for kids – This mattress is perfect for my kids. Will need a new mattress for them as they grow. No weird smell as some people mentioned.

  18. Anonymous

    I have had hard wired Lorex cameras for at least 15 years . I also added I wireless camera to that system using POE last year. They worked great and I recommended them to others.

  19. Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t like to write reviews on products and much less give a bad review, but in this case I have to do it because I am tired of dealing with this product. We bought this system.

  20. Anonymous

    The battery wireless camera is excellent, the app on iphone super fast responsive when I access from my iphone, . I mounted the camera on my Main entry door (behind the storm glass door) it.

  21. Sergio,

    Mattress – Good price, good shape, totally recommended.

  22. Anonymous

    I purchased another brand of security system as a Christmas gift for my husband. Before installing it, he did some research and decided to go with the LWF1080B-66 system, because of the price,.

  23. Anonymous

    Ordering and shipping was flawless simple and in a timely manner. Setting up the system and pairing the cameras was easy. Mounting the cameras was also easy.

  24. Denise,

    It’s ok for the price – Bought this mattress for a daybed in a hobby room. Will be used to display dolls mostly. I did lay on it and could feel the coils a bit.

  25. Tasha1206,

    One good one bad – So I ordered two of these! One was perfect the other one some of it didn’t blow up all the way. It is very soft and goes straight down when you sat near one of the end areas of the mattress.

  26. John

    I bought this kit after purchasing a new home. I’ve dealt with power tools my whole life and this kit is perfect for someone looking to get a lot of items at once the price point.

  27. User4499008,

    My son loves it! – First off if you are looking at this mattress, dont expect it to be like a memory foam mattress at this price. That would be like wanting to buy a Ferrari for the price of a sedan.

  28. Sara,

    Great mattress at a great price! – I got this mattress to go in my guest cottage for when I have family or friends come stay with me. The price was right and it came very quickly. I got a kick out of the packaging.

  29. Anonymous

    Best WiFi security system I use so far.

  30. Anonymous

    I really like the system and how it works. The quality is amazing, and easy to set up. The only issue i have with the system is the batteries.

  31. Anonymous

    I have purchased a previous smaller less expensive Lorex system with 2 indoor cameras years ago and they worked great. This time I purchased this system to have inside and outside coverage.

  32. Anonymous

    clear, easy to install.

  33. Anonymous

    We’ve had our cameras for two weeks now and everything is working flawlessly. The set up was supper easy and cameras paired within seconds, installation was also a simple task.

  34. Anonymous

    Completely satisfied with this product. Easy to use and works great.

  35. AGJG,

    Great Value – Bought this mattress for our son who’s transitioning from crib to twin bed. It came rolled up in a box! I didn’t expect that at all and I was worried how thin it was going to be.

  36. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the system especially the fact that it only records motion so I don’t have to review hours of recording. The only draw back I find is that it takes so long to connect.

  37. Rayban

    I purchased this tool set because I needed the circular saw. This is my third set from the Dewalt. My first set was the impact drill the brushless cordless drill with a flashlight.

  38. Anonymous

    It’s a decent system for the price, it set up quickly and after repositioning the antenna I was able to reach all the cameras. I have some minor issues with it that you should understand.

  39. Anonymous

    I’m giving a 4 star review. The product meets the demand and budget that I allocated. I recommend the 6 camera system over the 4 because you will find room for the extras.

  40. AnnK,

    Excellent Value – We bought these to go with the bunk beds we bought for our Great-granddaughters. We were surprised to see them come in a box, compressed, but our Great-granddaughter got a kick out of watching.

  41. Anonymous

    This wireless system was easy to set up. I am very pleased with the quality of the picture both during the day and at night. Within minutes I had all six cameras up and running.

  42. Anonymous

    Best quality pictures during day time. Pictures not so clear during night vision. Easy to set up & pairing the cameras. It’s very nice & easy to monitor anywhere on your phone or tablet.

  43. Anonymous

    Great product, best picture ever from a wireless system. Night time views are the best.

  44. Anonymous

    If you don’t have the ability to run wires this is a good option. But they don’t capture every event and don’t have the ability to block out areas like trees so you will get a lot of notifications.

  45. Anonymous

    Very satisfied with the included go-by’s. Setup proceeded far faster than projected although more explicit steps would have helped with the first camera setting up.

  46. Justus8065,

    Great mattress for my daughter’s bed – As we are in the process of redoing our children’s room, we needed a new mattress (one is moving to a bigger bed and the little one to the toddler bed). It arrived quickly.

  47. Niceeee,

    Firm. Gets job done – It’s okay very firm great for my toddler tho. Ordered a bed from DHP as well and I am satisfied with both purchases.

  48. pammur,

    As Advertised – Purchased two of these mattresses for our grandsons, ages 2 and 3. Arrived quickly and as advertised.

  49. bradd

    I bought this set to move up from my older 18v dewalt tools. I couldn’t be happier. I have abused these building a new deck and pool shed. All have worked flawlessly.

  50. Anonymous

    This was very easy to set up, user friendly. The range for the cameras from transmitter is pretty spot on.

  51. Anonymous

    Purchased this model after buying a smaller version from Costco and returning it. The cameras are great and the batteries seem to be lasting even with very cold winter temperatures.

  52. Anonymous

    1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera System, 6 Rechargeable Wire Free Battery Powered Black Cameras, 95ft Night Vision, 1TB Hard drive. This is easy to set up and works just fine.

  53. MJH26,

    Omg! Coolest thing ever!! – Crazy this comes in a box! So cool! My Kids loved unrolling it. Perfect size for my daughter’s trundle under her bed. Both kids loved the colors. Great quality.

  54. Rickmuzick

    I am very satisfied with this purchase and it has great power. The kit comes with a charger and two batteries along with the tools and even entertainment in the form of a bluetooth speaker.

  55. Kai,

    Restful sleep – Sturdy and firm. I prefer a softer mattress but couldnt find any at the price. This is nice and compact and can roll for easy transport. Better than an airbed as it doesnt deflates.

  56. Reena m,

    Great value! – After an endless search for reasonably priced custom cushions, I ended up buying 2 of these mattresses for a reading nook in our home. They are just firm enough to sit on or lie on comfortably.

  57. Anonymous

    Easy to install 6 cameras outside and in less than one hour. Using the App gives you active visibility while away.

  58. Swamptodd

    I’m a cancer patient and have struggled with money to fund my tool collection. When I reviewed all combo kits and physically operated all the many different manufacturers, I kept coming back.

  59. Mommyoftwoboys,

    Mattresses – I was pleased with how nice this mattress was. I bought 2 for a bunk bed. So soft. Highly recommend.

  60. Anonymous

    This is my fourth system and I love it. great cameras, awesome coverage, night vision is really good. I would recommend these systems to anyone. Very easy setup for the DVR and cameras.

  61. Anonymous

    First security system– easy set up, wireless camera are great put them any where. Have them out on the farm around the barns and the system can be monitor from the house.

  62. Anonymous

    Works as stated. Does what we need it to do.

  63. AliYvonne,

    Good quality for the price! – Because I was attempting to furnish a whole home & bought the mattresses for my two sons beds last,I needed to try to stay on budget but was worried about how comfortable they would be due.

  64. Derek

    I’ve read several reviews about battery to charger connection. Make sure to pop the battery into the connection rather than just sit it on top of the charger.

  65. Anonymous

  66. Anonymous

    We just received LWF1080B-66 6 wireless camera system today. Assembly was simple. But it took while, longer than I wished. This pack came with only 3 USB chargers and cables.

  67. Anonymous

    The Cameras are what very nice and helpful thank you lorex.

  68. Anonymous

    Very good pictures during day time. May need to add a flood light to get clear pic during the night vision. Easy to set up, It’s very easy to monitor anywhere on your phone .

  69. Anonymous

    Easy to install, great range for wireless, awesome to have audio no complaint.

  70. Anonymous

    if I was crook I would look for homes with the lorex sign posted easy picking , they don’t work half the time and more trouble than there worth , customer support is next to nothing if you.

  71. Anonymous

    Overall I would recommend Lorex Security Cameras , They arrived as describe and complete. They are very easy to installed , the instructions are very precise and clear.

  72. Anonymous

    Great picture resolution, Wireless is so easy to setup..

  73. Anonymous

    I have been looking & researching for good security cameras for sometime that could withstand the harsh Canadian Winters. I bought these Dec 2018 and had them installed beginning of January.

  74. singlemom,

    okay mattress – the mattress works on a twin bed perfectly, but my guest slept on it and said it was that comfortable. So, i bought a foam pad for it and it is fine. For the money it works in the guest room.

  75. Anonymous

    100% happy,easy to install and it woks great!.

  76. Anonymous

    Excellent product would recommend to friends and family very happy.

  77. Anonymous

    Old system was not up to par. New HD wireless is excellent.

  78. Waituku,

    Does the Job – I got this for a daybed in full. It seems pretty sturdy. It’s ok, nothing to get exited about. I don’t think I’d be comfortable sleeping on this every night, too thin.

  79. L-Bomb

    I also purchased the DCB606 2PK 20/60 w/charger in addition to this set. Two decks finished so far one 10’x20′ and a raised deck 10’x8′ with no issues.

  80. Anonymous

    My olny problem is the notification to my devices is not responding after 2 weeks installation?.

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This frame is a classic in design and creativity - a true evergreen in interior design. Featuring a stunning three quarter inch wide sleek matte black finsh on top of solid wood.

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