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45 reviews for 20×30 Print In 20×30 Frame – Scott

  1. James,

    Thromo. control did not work – Thremo. control would not contact the grill electric contacts. Therefore the grill would not heat up. Poor workmanship.

  2. TheCheap1one,

    Cute design girls bike. – Nice and sturdy. Good for the price. Easy to put together.love the streamers.

  3. Sarah,

    My wife and I just bought this about 2 hours ago to make some pancakes but the griddle barely heated up and it’s been plugged in on 350 for at least 25 minutes.

  4. rt

    After a year of light use, the 1/2″ drill started smoking with a bad electrical smell. The motor is toast. I’ve used many corded/cordless drills and NEVER had a drill go bad.

  5. KirbyandKorra

    Purrfect Hammock – We had one of these for our first cat, and he LOVED it. Once we got a second cat, they would fight over who got to lay in it! We purchased another in a different color so that they each have.

  6. renaissancejmr,

    Light Weight Dream, BEST Value! – Don’t know how Huffy can sell this bike at $49.99 and make any profit? It’s lightweight, perfect solo rear pedal brake like the champ bikes.

  7. Daveknowshow

    I’ve worked all my life as an electrician and I can tell you we use battery drills a lot! I have used this drill lately and can honestly say it does NOT measure up to the older 12 and 18 volt.

  8. Patty,

    Mainstays Griddle – I’ve never had a griddle before. It is wonderful. So much easier than using a skillet. Item picked-up in store. I would recommend this item to others.

  9. B4Bs,

    Bikes for Books – The bike was the perfect size and color (Pink is her favorite color) for the winner of the Bikes for Books Reading Program from Science Hall Elementary School in Kyle, TX.

  10. Teresa M,

    Understanding the change in product. – As I promised, I have come to change my review to 5 star as i love 1000 roll Scott Single ply. So If you are a old timer as my family is, you may have gotten a newer style Scott.

  11. JDAF,

    Loyal customer for 48 years! – I love Scott Tissue!! All my life I have used it! I even had to retrain my wife after we got married, because she was used to quilted toilet paper! Not sure what happened here but we got a.

  12. squidia

    amazing!!!!! – My kitten started playing with it the minute I got the pieces out of the box! He loves the scratcher and the puff balls and is already sleeping on the hammock. It took 5 minutes to set up the.

  13. MurphyTeddy

    Frisco 20-in Cat Tree – I bought this for the size and as an extra scratching place for the cats. They enjoy the hanging toys, and scratch posts.

  14. Moto409

    I had used a friends DeWALT drills for a project and ever since then I have been wanting my own set. I finally found a good deal on them because they are a little pricy (yay for Black Friday!!!).

  15. CityGirlSF

    It took 9 months, but she loves it now – I wanted a second cat tree for another room and read the reviews about this one. Francesca liked it right away for scratching, but didn’t jump up to sleep in it.

  16. Anonymous

  17. Emma,

    Good – Hi I would like to say thank you for helping me with the purchase of my grandson’s bike I called the store and immediately they took charge of handling everything that was supposed to been.

  18. Heather,

    Works great! – Works great for our family of 5! Makes cooking breakfast a lot faster! It says on the box that it’s dishwasher safe as long as you remove the electric control. I think that’s a great benefit!!.

  19. BelieveinHim2,

    Great Girls Bike for the Beginner. – My daughter took the bike for her first spin today, her birthday. She chose it from Walmart online. After about 20 min of basic training, she was able to navigate the balance concept.

  20. gscccj,

    Huffy bike for 7 year old grandson – This bike was a perfect purchase for my grandson. I thought it would be a little too big but, he got on his bike a rode it like a champ. I, ordered this item on site to store pick up.


    Every major tool I own is a DeWalt. Bought this set for the impact driver and its worked great but as for the drill, it seems the chuck opens up after several holes and the drill bit comes.

  22. bill37659

    I had the drill just over a year and the motor burned up. Just screwing into 2 x 4s. Dewalt would not honor warranty saying that that was wear and tear.

  23. happy

    Good Scratcher – Great Hammock – The Frisco 20″ Cat Tree came on time and arrived in good condition. It took my husband about 10 minutes to assemble it.

  24. Laura98,

    Just What I Was Looking For – This griddle works great it heats up fast and make perfect pancakes and bacon. It is a little longer than I wanted because of space but I really like it. It can make 6 nice size pancakes at one time.

  25. Louise,

    After only 3or 4 uses , I was wiping the plug off and the temperatures completey erased !!.

  26. Jack,

    Great Product – Always wanted an electric griddle, so am enjoying using it now. Cooks great and don’t have to heat up the oven to enjoy cookies, corn cakes, and roasted veggies.

  27. Park,

    Girls bike – Well made, super cute design and an amazing price. Love this product. We got for our daughter’s 7th bday. She is really tall and it is perfect.

  28. bake

    Took a little while but… – Our cat now loves this hammock! For the past 5 months, my kitty wasn’t really interested in this hammock at all. But when we rearranged the guest bedroom, we placed the hammock on a wide.

  29. Tree

    My cat loves it! – My cat absolutely love this little cat tree! She uses the floor and the poles for scratching. Once I put it together (which by the way, took 5 minutes and was SO easy) she didn’t leave it for.

  30. DogMomx4

    A new place to be a kitty loaf! – My cats adore this cat tree. I bought it to see how they like the hammock type bed and they LOVE it.

  31. marlan

    On Christmas Eve today, I was deciding between the DEWALT or Porter Cable. I wanted the DEWALT but had lots of reservation due to online reviews that folks were having problems with the battery.

  32. Vasquez,

    Great product – The product is great . Price is amazing compared very well to more expensive one. Would recommend to all my friends.

  33. mark

    i purchased the 20 volt impact to replace my aging 14.4 volt Dewaly impact. The 20 volt is much lighter and stronger.

  34. Peppermimi

    Kitty loves it! – I was a little hesitant because you hear stories of cats never going near these things and wind up being a waste of money. I am glad I took a chance on this little one! Our kitty loves it!.

  35. bakermomma,

    Got one happy 8yr old son – My son just got this exact bike from my inlaws sat for his party. Is one tough kid when ir comes to bikes and scooters. But i know he’ll have yrs of fun on it.

  36. Doc

    I really like the size and fit of these drills, however, be aware, these are not 100% Dewalt Quality. Keep your receipts and register your warranty! You will have to go to a Dewalt facility.

  37. 2004WMAssociate,

    Not Perforated-One continuous roll – I have always been a Scott toilet paper consumer but these packages contain rolls that are not perforated. Whats up with that Scott’s? I buy it because its septic tank friendly not because.

  38. Dsmart,

    Great customer service – I purchased this bike from the Woodbury, MN Walmart. I talked with the store manager prior to the purchase and he told me that I could receive free assembly and a professional bike assembler.

  39. Akkay,

    This is an amazing product – It helps us making indian dishes like dosai, chappati and frying fish. The only thing I identified is that, the heat is not even all over the griddle.

  40. Shepherdsmaw,

    Each sheet is .4 of an in. smaller – Still a fair buy despite the fact that Scott shrunk the size of each sheet by .4 of an inch. If they do it again it will not be a purchase I will make.

  41. Nana,

    Happy girl – We got this for our seven year old grand daughter and she lives it. Lives the girlie colors, smooth pedaling and especially the handle bar streamers.

  42. Crow,

    Great but numbers wipe off control. – Great little griddle but about the third week of using it, when my husband was wiping the grease off the controlswith a paper towel, the numbers wiped clean off and there are no embossed mark’s.

  43. Linda b,

    Long lasting even for the cat – Too funny not to share – Daisy has been having fun with this roll for a week now. Yes I keep cleaning the mess each day!.

  44. Camo2640

    I bought this product not long ago and I must say it isn’t bad for the value. It works great and that batteries last fairly long for only 1.3 ah.

  45. Catsss

    I have 3 of them! – My cats absolutely love this product. I bring them with me when I travel. I recently got a second cat and the two of them lounge in their hammocks all day.

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  • Product Details
  • Category : Custom Framing
  • SubCategory : Custom Framing and Matted Prints
  • Pages : 1-1
  • Size : 20 x 30
  • Orientation : Horizontal.
Product Attribute Details
Size20 x 30
SubcategoryCustom Framing and Matted Prints
CategoryCustom Framing
Featureslong lasting, septic safe, sewer safe
Manufacturer Part Number1000
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H9.30 x 23.25 x 8.20 Inches
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