2.5″ Fireside Woodwick Petite Candle – Creative Bath

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Product Information

57 reviews for 2.5″ Fireside Woodwick Petite Candle – Creative Bath

  1. Ron

    Delivered just 19 days ago. Part was missing that Whirlpool could not replace through mail, so they sent out a Tech.

  2. Billdog350

    Best oil for the price, HANDS DOWN. Awesome! – Been using Rotella products for years in my diesels and love it, usually the T4 line. However I race 24hrs of Lemons and needed a cheap and good oil to hold up for endurance racing in my 1994.

  3. Aron,

    Ok but not in great shape – This item was OK but overall I was disappointed. It was pretty scratched up, the charger was dirty and sticky, the laptop was an older version than I expected and it came locked with an admin.

  4. RSJDR,

    Lovely dispenser – I really like this dispenser – very easy to use. This is not made of glass – this is acrylic – do not use a harsh product to clean with. Use a soft cloth or else it will scratch.

  5. lc42134,

    Beverage Dispenser – Great Beverage Dispenser . Purchased for Thanksgiving service at church. Holds 2galoons of tea plus room for ice. It is made of plastic but it is durable. Well worth the money.

  6. MrsWillz

    This oven was a surprise from my husband! I am a baker, so this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! I read mostly all the reviews when I received it. My oven was ordered and sent from.

  7. Mr Bean

    Best bang for your Motorcycle Buck. – Used T6 in my 2007 FZ1 since I bought it used about four years ago. I rev this bike to the Max, never had a single engine problem, doesn’t run hot, uses zero oil in between changes.

  8. Simeon

    Best of the best – Iv ran a few different oils in my race bikes and ever since the switch from A recommendation from my father that has a gold wing with 90,000 miles no issues my race engines show very very minimal.

  9. meash

    When delivered I was so excited. First thing I made in top oven was a pizza (hard to mess up right). The bottom was burnt, yet cheese was still un-melted on top. Watching the temp.

  10. denbroncos,

    Hyper Tough 2.5-Amp Orbital Sander – I have been using this Orbital Sander for wood working only and have given it a good workout. So far I have no problems or complaints about this orbital sander.

  11. Rose,

    Small but compatible for a kitchen top! Grease is ready to fry your food in 5 min top! It tells you when the geese is hot and ready! I fit 4 chicken legs at a time in this fryer!.

  12. Gigi,

    Not happy with the vendor – When I bought the product I was under the impression that it was in good condition when the product arrived the cover of the product had a lot of dents when I went to return the product I made.

  13. Kathryn,

    Farberware deep fryer – This is a great little deep fryer heats up quick perfect size I love this little deep fryer does not use too much cooking oil food comes out perfect every time and if you have a small kitchen.

  14. MrsWin,

    Very useful! – My husband and I bought a house two years ago and we’ve spent aot of time reminding and repairing. We didn’t however had a sander despite having tons of other tools.

  15. Lakeside,

    Better than propane – After seeing my neighbors fryer in action, I ordered (2) Units. It is fast, uses less oil and is easy to clean. We furnished some walleye and the fryer did a wonderful job of cooking it.

  16. Laura,

    Very pleased – It was perfect for our adult beverage at a birthday party! The spigot did not leak at all and it looked very elegant even though it’s plastic.

  17. Madines,

    Used it out of the box! – What an easy laptop to use and fast. I am not a tech person at all, actually a mom that likes to cook and garden.

  18. FootballMonkey,

    A great sander! – I have the 2.5-amp Orbital Sander that is made by Hyper Tough.

  19. TommyLucian,

    Love it – I love this deep fryer and it is my favorite deep fryer. It cooks food just like a restaurant and the price is great. I have bought this one for years and haven’t seen anything better.

  20. Crispy

    Good Oil – I have been using the Rotella T4 15w40 in my Honda Goldwing GL1100 for a number of years. Smooth transmission and no clutch slip. 82000 miles done and no problems.

  21. CocoaButter1

    My computer has been really slow starting up and opening files. I first thought it was time to buy a new computer, then my husband told me to get a solid state drive and transferring operating.

  22. Ansuzalgiz

    We installed the 860QVO on our home server and it made it significantly faster. The computer boots in only a few seconds, letting us perform maintenance with less downtime.

  23. Nancy

    This monstrosity cannot maintain proper oven temperature. It is always running 15-25 degrees too hot or too cold. Recipes I’ve been making for decades are coming out burnt on the bottom.

  24. Monu89

    It’s an awesome ssd with such an high speed of data transfer ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  25. riviesmom,

    Very handy – This is VERY handy for family get togethers, picnics etc. Its super light weight though so as soon as the liquid in it gets low a good gust of wind and its gone!Doesnt hold quite as much as.

  26. Shay,

    2012 MacBook Pro – I ordered this item and was extremely nervous about getting it because there were some pretty bad reviews. I received it in the mail on August 10th, 2016 I believe (2012 MacBook Pro) & it was.

  27. Anonymous

  28. BusyMom,

    Good sander for small projects – The orbital sander comes in handy for me as I like to do small projects with furniture. This is actually the first orbital sander I’ve tried, and I feel like it works better for me.

  29. Okie,

    Good Deal – I read some other reviews and most were excellent as far as the performance of this laptop. There were some reviews that were low due to cosmetic defects.

  30. nowicki

    We just bought and are still learning how to use. I thought the installers didn’t push the stove all the way to the wall because we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation.

  31. Flowers1205,

    Great Serving Piece – I love this dispenser – lightweight acrylic- easy to put together – easy to wash. I really like the textured surface instead of having a flat surface gives it character.

  32. Jen

    I purchased this oven in 07/2016 and loved it from the beginning! Everything worked great for the first year but unfortunately, right after my warranty ran out, the double ovens no longer work.

  33. mamamike1,

    Good little sander – The Hyper Tough 2.5 Amp Random Orbit Sander Is a good little piece of equipment to have in your workshop, in my opinion, for mainly small projects.

  34. Stripes9

    I’ve bought this based on the recommendations from friends and fellow gamers, only had it installed a couple hours now but the speed and response times on my PS4 have increased greatly. ✔.

  35. comments123,

    Refurbished or used? – The macbook arrived quickly and is working fine. There are scratches on its cover and the AC adapter is really scratches and appear to be heavily and roughly used. It works fine, though.

  36. completejunk

    Not a single one of the included screws even fit! huge waste of my time so taking it back and saying GOODBYE to Samsung just like their junk phones. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  37. TheMex,

    Worst Product I’ve Purchased Though Walmart – The laptop is advertised as “Refurbished” when in reality, you receive a old beat-up computer. the one I received had too many defects to be counted as “refurbished”; I can understand when.

  38. cheapmom520,

    Works well – This works really well. Its almost too big for my hand but my hands Are on the smaller size. It has a bag that catches it. My husbandAlso really enjoyed it as well.

  39. Chanell,

    The pitcher – Nice size and was perfect for my grown up punch.

  40. Luna593,

    Great tool for small jobs! – The Hyper Tough orbital sander is a great tool for small sanding jobs. I have a couple of crates that I am turning into Storage and coffee tables and since these crates originally housed parts,.

  41. campingfriend,

    Powerful – The Hyper Tough 2.5-Amp Orbital Sander is powerful and operates smoothly. This sander well come in handy when I get around to sanding the replacement hood to my pickup.

  42. LaVese,

    AWFUL – I purchased a MacBook from this seller and it crashed just days after receiving it. I purchased the computer on the 17th of November. This was a birthday gift for my daughter.

  43. Joey,

    I’m asking for a refund – The screen is awful. the screen has a bright glow in the center of it because of the apple logo on the opposite side. I can’t believe they even tried selling this to me.

  44. Buyer,

    Not Refurbished… Used – These laptops are not really refurbished. they are just reformatted to their original settings and are sold. The lap top was very scratched up and dented..


    Perfect Loved! Ordering another one.

  46. Tiffany,

    Great! – I bought 2 for my sister’s bridal shower. They worked perfectly and hold a lot! Love them!.

  47. Jessica

    I haven’t even had this range a week yet and I have used it every day. I love the double ovens that bake perfectly!! The fans are quiet, it heats up very quickly and I love all the options!!!.

  48. Pcsirhlord

    I formatted on Mac, cloned the drive and after reboot the drive no longer could be found and I only had the drive for a few hours. This has to be the worst drive I have ever had.

  49. joycer27

    Previous reviews stated theirs easily scratches, well after our first time cooking on our new range, I saw a strange spot as if the top coating of the glass top was warped and some spots as.

  50. katarina,

    Good dispenser – This dispenser is nice and large and not flimsy. The only reason I gave it 4 stars versus 5 is that when the beverage level goes below the spigot, you need to tip the entire dispenser forward.

  51. ShrimpFriesandOysters,

    Small, but great. – Small, but great. Temperature controls work great. If you are cooking for a family, get a larger model. This is for small batches.

  52. Maple Green

    Hi there I have Samsung 860 QVO 2TB SSD + ICY box USB 3.1 enclosure witch I tested with other SSD’s and it works fine as external SSD (around 500MB/s read and 400Mb/s write) but with Samsung.

  53. Juee

    I purchased this item in October 2016 because it was the only double oven in stock at Lowe’s. The oven I wanted I had to order and I really needed something immediately, so I took a chance.

  54. Kdk28,

    Powerful Sander – The Hyper Tough Orbital Sander is powerful and has a comfortable grip for continuous use. The sand paper attaches with velcro for easy application and removal.

  55. hackjoe,

    OK for the price, spend more for something better. – Hyper Tough 2.5-Amp Orbital Sander, AQ20036GMy orbital sander came and I put it right to work but:Sandpaper will not stay attached to the hook and loop system.

  56. Satisfied,

    Love these, just what I imagined. Looks very nice and works well..

  57. MyPrecious

    The installation is very easy and it doesn’t take much effort (Just follow the Samsung instruction and in my case it only took a little over 30 min) and voila. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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Great Beverage Dispenser . Purchased for Thanksgiving service at church. Holds 2galoons of tea plus room for ice. It is made of plastic but it is durable. Well worth the money.

It's a good size dispenser and looks nice but came out plastic which can easily scratch after stirring several times; instead of glass which is what I thought had ordered, as it read on the description. Don't buy.

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